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Bili may refer to:

  • Bili light, a medical therapeutic tool to treat newborn jaundice
  • Bili, Ardabil, a village in Iran
  • Bili, Azerbaijan, a village in Astara Rayon
  • Bili, Congo, a town (coordinates 4°9'N 25°10'E) in north-central Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Central Africa
  • Bili Forest near the town, a complex mosaic habitat, rich in fauna typifying both savannah and forest habitats
  • Bili Ape, or 'Bondo Mystery Ape', a large chimpanzee living in Bili Forest
  • Bili, an ancient Chinese term (traditional: 篳篥; simplified: 筚篥) for the guan, a double-reed woodwind instrument
  • Bilirubin, a breakdown product of heme catabolism found in bile and urine