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card. (abbreviation of billion English)


BIL or Bil may refer to:

Usage examples of "bil".

What Bil found in the Charon catacombs is hard to explain any other way.

Then I can pay you back, Bil, for your hospitality, which is greater than that of your government.

Perry Molton and old Nat Shute and Gewett Swazie the committy, and old Bil Morrill with his hair curled under behind and Chick Chickerings father and mother and docter Goram, Nippers father and mother and Pricillas father and mother and lots of people and i thought father wasent coming but bimeby he come in with his new britches that he made Erl and Cutts give him and his boots blacked and aunt Sarah and Keene and Cele.

Shakers axed me to go to their meetin, as they was to hav sarvices that mornin, so I put on a clean biled rag and went.

He turned on the conditioner to cope with the rampant humidity, punched up some Bil Yi Somanzer from his music deck, then retreated back to his desk.

Christmas present had been a bootleg AV recording of a Bil Yi Somanzer concert.

Perhaps their desires are fulfilled all said Zack in low voice, removing to a bil l ete from one hundred dollars of the pocket and giving it to it.

I mustn't have no biling, no  roasting, no frying--nothing but hanging.

He was always nifty himself, and so you bet you his funeral ain't going to be no slouch--solid silver door-plate on his coffin, six plumes on the hearse, and a nigger on the box in a biled shirt and a plug hat--how's that for high?

Bil Yi Somanzer: the hottest, meanest rock and roller in the history of the world, ever.

They cranked the deck up, and started jamming some Beatles and Stones, more Bil Yi, the two of them shouting the lyrics at each other over riffs that shook the den's heavy thermal insulation panels and rattled her gullet.