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BII may refer to:

  • Bank Internasional Indonesia, former name of Bank Maybank Indonesia
  • Basel Institute for Immunology
  • Bikini Atoll Airport, Marshall Islands (IATA code: BII)
  • Birds International Incorporated
  • British Institute of Innkeeping
  • Business interoperability interface, interface that enables business interoperability between organisational systems

Bii or bii may refer to:

  • Bii (singer), Taiwanese singer
  • Bisu language (ISO 639: bii), Loloish language spoken in Thailand
Bii (singer)

Bii (born July 7, 1989) is a Chinese-language singer from South Korea and Taiwan, active in the sphere of Chinese language influence.

Usage examples of "bii".

The development from bii to bith in Welsh is due to a consonantal strengthening of i which began far back in British.