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n. (plural of bigwig English)

Usage examples of "bigwigs".

  One segment in particular, the segment with the bigwigs on it, is rocking and seesawing violently, smoke rising from both ends.

  All the bigwigs and the bodyguards are on their asses now, keeping their centers of gravity low as the segment bucks nastily.

  The bigwigs and the bodyguards are standing up now, all looking in the same direction.

  So my tactic was to take a bunch of their bigwigs hostage, then arrange a trade.

But after a while, just as a jury comes out of its room, the bigwigs who guided the Club's opinion reappeared, and everybody began speaking clearly and definitely.

At the crack of dawn on the day after my arrival I was awakened and taken before a jury of village bigwigs.

         With the exception of a few sophisticates and local bigwigs, most of the men wore the necktie -- a Guajiro version of the time-honored loin-cloth.

Patsy had said the official tour of the statue for the four hundred or so bigwigs was scheduled from seven to nine.

Regardless of the warnings the Race might have given the Nazi bigwigs, they were unlikely to take them seriously.

When she was ready she took a long time to decide whether to wear her mother's lace or keep it for the Bigwigs.

CHAPTER VIII Not till three o'clock that Saturday did the Bigwigs begin to come.

After the first blush, the first reconnaissance of the two Bigwigs between whom she sat, her eyes WOULD stray and her ears would only half listen to them.

Prizing it open, she looked over her shoulder at the Bigwigs, then placed her little finger on the contents of the little box, and said very softly: "You just take the merest touch, and you put it on like that, and it keeps them together beautifully.

I don't think I could bear a whole day of Bigwigs and eating, with this hanging--" "Poor Bigwigs!

The Bigwigs of this week-end were quite a different lot from those of three weeks ago, and comparatively homogeneous, having only three different plans for settling the land question, none of which, fortunately, involved any more real disturbance of the existing state of things than the potato, brownbread plan, for all were based on the belief held by the respectable press, and constructive portions of the community, that omelette can be made without breaking eggs.