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n. (plural of bight English)

Usage examples of "bights".

And yet I have managed by drumming to search the timber port, with all its driftwood lurching in the bights or caught in the rushes, and, with less difficulty, the launching ways of the Schichau shipyard and the Klawitter shipyard, and the drydocks, the scrap-metal dump, the rancid coconut stores of the margarine factory, and all the hiding places that were ever known to me in those parts.

I presumed we were bound for the plant rooms, which were three Bights up, and as we entered the hall I was wondering whether all three of us could crowd into Wolfe's personal elevator without losing dignity.

We went back up the two Bights together, and in the upper hall I took her offered hand and got a fine firm clasp and a friendly smile.

But by then I think we shall have to stand out if ever we can, stand due south for the Line and pick up the south-east trades about St Thomas's Island, which is clear of the Bights and their calms and false breezes.

There was a chain attached to the drawstring closing the net's mouth, and the figure of Gildmirth held its free end firmly with several bights wrapped round the wrist for surer purchase.

It had been purged from him by the death of the Maid and the long, dark, sleepless days and Bights in the dungeon.

In the shimmering distance trees and jacales stood along the slender bights of greenland pale and serried and half fugitive in the clear morning air.