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Bighorn \Big"horn`\, n. (Zo["o]l.) The Rocky Mountain sheep ( Ovis montana or Caprovis montana); called also bighorn sheep.


n. Either of two North American species of sheep, ''Ovis canadensis'' and ''Ovis dalli'', having large, curving horns


Usage examples of "bighorn".

The study floor bore a scattering of tiger, lion, polar bear and other animal skins, while mounted heads of ovis poli, bighorn sheep, wapiti--trophies from numerous climes--were arrayed on the walls, together with heavy spears from the Congo, blowguns from the Amazon headwaters, and elaborately carved swords from China.

Sometimes he saw bighorn sheep watching him, their progress far surer than his across the rock.

He usually applied for a special elk and bighorn sheep permit, and such were the rules of the game within the various state agencies, that he was always granted a permit, and he always got his sheep or his elk.

OF THE TRAIL Jean Marie Stine ON A cool fall morning in 1893, a young man rode up the trail from the Little Bighorn River into Billings, Montana.

Copses and larger hursts rose dark from the floor, and Rannach saw bighorn sheep grazing, and deer.

II Plains Cimarron style point of Alibates chert and Bighorn red jasper.

Under date of July 31, they remark that the only game seen that day was one bighorn, a few antelopes, deer, and a brown bear, all of which escaped them.

Deer, however, are by no means abundant, and antelopes, as well as bighorns, are scarce.

In the evening had the two canoes put into the water and lashed together, oars and everything fixed ready to set out early in the morning, at which time I have directed Sergeant Pryor to set out with the horses and proceed on to the entrance of the Bighorn River (which we suppose to be at no great distance), at which place the canoes will meet him and set him across the Yellowstone, below the entrance of that river.

The bighorns had been driven to lower elevations by the coming of winter storms.

There was no life out there except occasional bighorns, coyotes, and rattlers.

There were a lot of the desert bighorns in the Pinacate country, and as his eyes searched the ground he saw another, somewhat smaller track, partly overlaid by the track of a desert fox.

Like so many shadows the bighorns vanished into the maze of lava boulders and behind them the pools looked shy and innocent under the wide, white moon.

Them lawyers and doctors are flying into Montana from the city and paying a thousand bucks a head to shoot bighorn sheep.

And the only ones he had seen were those of bighorn sheep and the odd twisting trail of a sidewinder.