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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bigeye \Big"eye`\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A fish of the genus Priacanthus, remarkable for the large size of the eye.


n. 1 Any fish in the taxonomic family ''(taxlink Priacanthidae family)'', which have large eyes. 2 Any of certain fish or shark species identified by their large eyes, in particular bigeye tuna, (taxlink Thunnus obesus species).


n. red fishes of American coastal tropical waters having very large eyes and rough scales


Usage examples of "bigeye".

Amy watched now as Jed turned away from the bigeye to follow a small school of exotic blue and yellow butterfly fish.

Encountering a dangerous sparkle in those bigeyes, which met hers full, she said doubtfully: "I have sometimeswondered, my love .