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Bigan may refer to:

  • Bi Gan or Bigan, Shang dynasty minister
  • Bigan, Iran, village in Iran
  • Bigan or Eggplant, Melongene

Usage examples of "bigan".

And after soper pleyen he bigan, And spak of myrthe amonges othere thynges, Whan that we hadde maad our rekenynges, And seyde thus: "Now lordynges, trewely, Ye been to me right welcome hertely, For by my trouthe, if that I shal nat lye, I saugh nat this yeer so myrie a compaignye Atones in this herberwe, as is now.

The fyres brenden upon the auter brighte, That it gan al the temple for to lighte, And sweete smel the ground anon upyaf, And Arcita anon his hand uphaf, And moore encens into the fyr he caste, With othere rytes mo, and atte laste The statue of Mars bigan his hauberk rynge, And with that soun he herde a murmurynge, Ful lowe and dym, and seyde thus, `Victorie!

Thus day by day this child bigan to crye, Til in his fadres barm adoun it lay, And seyde, "Farewel, fader, I moot dye!

But atte laste speken she bigan, And mekely she to the sergeant preyde, So as he was a worthy gentil man, That she moste kisse hire child, er that it deyde, And in hir barm this litel child she leyde, With ful sad face, and gan the child to kisse, And lulled it, and after gan it blisse.

Whan that the monthe in which the world bigan That highte March, whan God first maked man, Was compleet, and passed were also Syn March bigan, thritty dayes and two, Bifel that Chauntecleer in al his pryde, Hise sevene wyves walkynge by his syde, Caste up hise eyen to the brighte sonne, That in the signe of Taurus hadde yronne Twenty degrees and oon, and somwhat moore.

Suspecious was the diffame of this man, Suspect his face, suspect his word also, Suspect the tyme in which he this bigan.