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BIF or bif may refer to:

  • Bif Naked, Canadian musician
  • Bifrenaria, orchid genus
  • Banded iron formation, a type of rock
  • Barrow-in-Furness, town in Cumbria, England
    • Barrow-in-Furness railway station, station code BIF
  • Benevolence International Foundation, part of al-Qaeda, posing as a charity
  • Brabrand IF, football club playing in the Danish 2nd Division
  • Brøndby IF, football club playing in the Danish Superliga
  • Brynäs IF, ice hockey team from Gävle, Sweden
  • Burundian franc, ISO 4217 code BIF

Usage examples of "bif".

Occasionally a trunk would lift out of a mound, the two very human hands at its bifurcated tip twisting together, and slowly the songs grew clearer.

Ballantine kept his face turned to the door's scuffed metal: but his shoulders sloped a bif more.

From the centre of the blocky face sprouted a bifurcated trunk, and human-like hands at the ends of the trunk's forks pulled at each other nervously.

Thunderstorm smiled, his bifurcated upper lip parting to show the upper row of his fiercely pointed teeth.

Cec ily was a spina bifida case who "ought" to have been corrected in utero but had not been.