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Biel (disambiguation)

Biel/Bienne is the name of city in the canton of Berne, Switzerland.

Biel may also refer to:

Biel (Valais)
  1. redirect Biel, Valais
Biel (name)

Biel is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Julia Biel (born 1976), jazz singer and composer
  • Jessica Biel (born 1982), American actress
  • Gabriel Biel (c. 1420 or 1425–1495), German philosopher
  • Tito Biel, South Sudanese politician and major general
  • Ulrich Biel (1907–1996), German politician (CDU)

Given name:

  • Biel Medina (born 1980), Spanish footballer
  • Biel Ribas (born 1985), Spanish footballer
Biel (singer)

Gabriel Araújo Marins Rodrigues (born 20 March 1995), better known by the stage name Biel, is a Brazilian singer. After achieving online success, he was signed to Warner Music in April 2015. He released his EP Biel and had a string of hits, winning Meus Prêmios Nick Award as a "Revelação Musical" (musical revelation) of the year. He released his album Juntos Vamos Além in 2016.

Usage examples of "biel".

Thurber started arguing with Biel about its origin, whether tectonic or not.

Me and Biel, least we got a solid cot below the hall, and enough food for us and the girls.

From Roscellinus and Anselm through Thomas Aquinas to Gabriel Biel, the problems and their complete exploitation are continuous.

Even in the later schoolmen, like Biel and Occam, still more in the humanists, one finds a much stronger rationalism than in the representative thinkers of the Middle Ages.