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n. (surname lang=en from=German)

Bieber (disambiguation)

Justin Bieber (born 1994) is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Bieber may also refer to:

  • Bieber (surname)

In places:

  • Bieber, Offenbach, Germany, a former village of Offenbach am Main
  • Bieber, Biebergemünd, Germany
  • Bieber, California, United States, a census-designated place

In rivers:

  • Bieber (Haune), a river in Hesse, Germany
  • Bieber (Kinzig), a river in Hesse, Germany
  • Bieber (Lahn), a river in Hesse, Germany
  • Bieber (Rodau), a river in Hesse, Germany
Bieber (surname)

Bieber is a surname. People with the surname include:

  • Christopher Bieber (born 1989), German footballer
  • David Bieber (born 1966), American convicted murderer
  • Frederick Bieber (born 1953), American medical geneticist
  • Friedrich Bieber (1873–1924), Austrian anthropologist in Ethiopia
  • Irving Bieber (1909–1971), American psychoanalyst
  • Jodi Bieber (born 1966), South African photographer
  • Justin Bieber (born 1994), Canadian singer
  • Margarete Bieber (1879–1978), German American art historian
  • Martin Bieber (1900–1974), German World War II officer
  • Matthias Bieber (born 1986), Swiss ice hockey player
  • Nita Bieber (born 1926), American actress
  • Owen Bieber (born 1929), American trade union president

See also spellings Biber and Beber

Usage examples of "bieber".

However, it had been addressed not to Lane Barber, but to Madelaine Bieber.

Lane Barber could well be a stage name, "prettied up" from Madelaine Bieber.

Miss Bieber, aka Mala Babra, was described as five ten, 140 pounds, red hair, green eyes.

This Bieber must be a relative, perhaps Lane's mother, which would explain the likeness and similar choice in professions.

Did you know we dusted her apartment, but the only prints we found belonged to your name on the letter, Madelaine Bieber, but she turns out not to be Barber, but a sixty-seven-year-old woman who was arrested for assault in 1941?

He handed her the case and serial numbers on Madelaine Bieber's assault charge.

Deciding that mentioning Lane's name in any connection might leak back to alarm her, he revised his questions to ask about any Bieber girl who had left home late in her teens during the thirties, possibly to go to Europe or one of the coasts.

That should sound innocent and expected in light of his cover story to directly question as many Biebers as possible.

Rance Bieber turned out to be a man in his thirties, a great-grandson of Axel Bieber.

His hand paused at Garrett Bieber out of simple reaction to the similarity to his own name, and then went on, through the letters of the alphabet to the M's.

The phone book listed five Biebers, one of them an Anna living at 513 Pine.

Smiling at the clerk in the high school office, he copied down the addresses of all the Biebers.

Among those plaques on the Bieber dining room wall were several for excellence in archery.

He commits himself, too, to giving Anna Bieber friendship and support, to becoming a great-grandson.

Lane Barber, born Madelaine Bieber seventy years ago in this little prairie town where he tracked her, where he had killed her.