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Bie or BIE may refer to:

  • Bie, Sweden, a village in Södermanland County
  • Bié Plateau, a highland region in Angola
  • Bié Province in Angola
  • Beijing Institute of Education, a university in China
  • Bureau of International Expositions, an international body that organizes international expositions
  • Bienheuré (Saint Bié), a semi-legendary saint of Vendôme
  • Bureau of Indian Education, a bureau within the US government

Usage examples of "bie".

Look, Gab bie's not going to be the only one around here throwing temper tantrums if I don't get some help with those boxes.

Gab bie had managed to find a mirror, comb, washcloth, and clean blouse and had barely taken her eyes off Jack throughout the evening.

Tears gathered in Gab bie's eyes and she descended into a thoroughly black de spair.

Gab bie could not think of any man she had seen who had looked this strong.

Gab bie pulled an illegal U-turn on McDermott Street—after making sure no one was coming either way—and headed for what the locals called a highway.

As his fingertips brushed her face, Gab bie's body tensed, for a thrill ran down her neck, between her breasts, to her groin.

A tiny part of her stood aloof, attempting to sort out the madness that had en veloped her, but that lonely part was the only logical being in an insane universe, for everything around Gab bie had become fey.

He held the book behind Gab bie's back, where he could see the illustration she had looked at.

Then the sound of water striking glass was cut by Gab bie's and Jack's voices.

Phil was out from behind his desk and moving toward the kitchen the instant he heard the excited tone in Gab bie's voice.

Gab bie stood in the doorway, her expression one of alarm as Phil knelt by the lower bunk.

Gab bie had wished she had been with him, but had refused to leave, with Gloria in such rugged shape.

However, it had been addressed not to Lane Barber, but to Madelaine Bieber.

Lane Barber could well be a stage name, "prettied up" from Madelaine Bieber.

Miss Bieber, aka Mala Babra, was described as five ten, 140 pounds, red hair, green eyes.