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BiCon (UK)

The UK BiCon (more formally known as the UK National Bisexual Convention or UK National Bisexual Conference), is the largest and most consistent annual gathering of the United Kingdom's bisexual community. It is also the world's longest running bisexual community event.

While the format does vary, the common format is a long weekend over 4 days consisting of workshops, discussions, meetings and social events. Although being billed as a "bisexual" event, it is open to partners of bisexuals, supporters, non-bisexuals, non-definers, and anyone else interested in issues relevant to bisexuals. To that extent it can often be characterised as a nexus of the sexual freedom and queer movements. Each BiCon event usually attracts between 200 and 400 people.


A BiCon is a bisexual community gathering, it stands for either 'Bisexual Convention' or 'Bisexual Conference' or 'Bisexual Convention/Conference'.

  • BiCon (UK)
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