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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

popular type of plastic ball-point pen, designed c.1950 in France, named 1953 as a shortened form of company co-founder Marcel Bich (1914-1994).


Bič may refer to:

Bić, a mountain on the border of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Bič, Slovenia, a village in the Trebnje municipality in eastern Slovenia
Bic (company)

Société Bic S.A., commonly referred to simply as Bic, is a corporation based in Clichy, France best known for making ballpoint pens. It was founded in 1945 by Baron Marcel Bich and has become known for making disposable consumer products such as lighters, razors, mechanical pencils, and printed paper products.

Bic (river)

The Bic is a left tributary of the river Tisza in Romania. It discharges into the Tisza near Teresva, on the border with Ukraine.

Usage examples of "bic".

He was about to tell Panic what a jerk he was for doing it when Panic pulled another joint out from somewhere and lit it with a Bic torch.

Without a second thought, he poured what was left of the precious gasoline throughout the trailer, and with his Bic lighter set it ablaze.

She handed him a card and, thankfully, a plastic Bic pen instead of a metal one.

The guy in the bathroom working the big yellow Bic, for starters, but he was an extreme case.

The Bic was in one hand, the glove compartment being impatiently rummaged by the other before he had shifted out of reverse.

Henry and Jalong were huddled in conference over a small pile of damp sticks, urging on the fire from their Bic lighters.

She flung herself into her work with an energy which left her nurses breathless, and even Sii Richard, pausing at the end of his round to bic her a courteous farewell, remarked that her devotion to duty exceeded even his high standards.

Marcus was sitting on a counter near the cash register, looking out the front door, when he saw Eric winding around the piles of books and displays of Bic pens.

By silently vowing to free herself from the bonds of Lady Bic, she feels she is proving her loyalty to a higher cause, her mission demanding the rejection of such petty bodily concerns in favor of a larger goal.

But, as my book tour began in February, there they were, the passengers with their Bic lighters and their books of matches.

After asking my Bic lighter question in my talk to the audience, I sat down to sign the books for the people in line.

The SLB could have popped out and made him cut his throat with his own Bic disposable, I suppose.

But the wraith, with its chinky Coke and theories of post-mortem speed, had been able to interface with Gately without aid of speech or gesture or Bic, was why even out of his mind Gately had had to admit to himself it must have been a delusion, a fever-dream.

Chandler Foss has an undulating banner with a redly inscribed MARY on one forearm, said banner now mangled and necrotic because Foss, dumped and badly coked out one night, tried to nullify the romantic connotations of the tatt by inscribing BLESSED VIRGIN above the MARY with a razor blade and a red Bic, with predictably ghastly results.

Instead he knelt (his knees popped like pistol shots, frightening him again) and walked his fingers over the miniature topography of the pedestrian catwalk-the chipped valleys in the cement, the ridge of an old cigarette butt, the hill of a tiny tinfoil ball-until at last he happened on his Bic.