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n. (plural of Bible English)

Usage examples of "bibles".

I wondered briefly what on earth Bibles were doing in a souvenir warehouse, but only briefly: there were too many things I didn't understand.

I'm curious about the large stocks of Bibles carried on their premises.

Both sides of the room were lined with shelves and those shelves were stacked high with Bibles.

I picked several at random from the front row on a shelf and flicked through them: they were as innocuous as Bibles can be, which is as innocuous as you can get.

Keeping one of the mutilated copies to one side, I replaced the other Bibles as I had found them and moved towards the door opposite the one by which I'd entered the narrow room.

I straightened and went quickly across the room to where the Bibles were stored, but there was no one there nor was there in any of the booths in the next room where George was still lying unconscious across his table.

An even larger proportion of the stuff went from here in crates of Bibles -- the ones which our saintly friend here so kindly distributed gratis all over Amsterdam.

The sweet young things that Goodbody here, in the ineffable goodness of his Christian heart, was trying to rehabilitate and save from a fate worse than death, would turn up at his services with Bibles clutched in their sweet little hands -- some of them, God help us, fetchingly dressed as nuns -- -then go away with different Bibles clutched in their sweet little hands and then peddle the damned stuff in the night-clubs.

The books of the Tanak--the Hebrew Bible--constitute the whole of scripture for Jews and are the basis of the Old Testament in Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christian Bibles.

Catholic and Protestant Bibles (including the King James Version) make Ruth the third of the historical books, between Judges and 1 Samuel.

Protestant Bibles classify the Song as the last of the poetic books, while Hebrew texts place it among the Ketuvim, between Job and Ruth (with which it shares its themes of love and springtime).

The title "Song of Songs," found in many Bibles, is a literal translation from the Hebrew Shir ha-Shirim.

BARUCH, classified in Catholic Bibles as one of the prophetic books, is attributed to the secretary of the prophet Jeremiah but was probably written much later, in the two centuries preceding the Christian era.

As you might expect, these additions are incorporated into Catholic Bibles but excluded from Jewish ones.

Showing up in ones and twos for the most part, there were soon thirty or so people, most of them holding what had to be Bibles, Wise thought, getting Nichols up and operating again, but this time with a live signal going up and down to Atlanta.