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n. (context India English) grandmother


Bibi is a given name, nickname and surname which is found in various cultures. It means Miss in Urdu.

Bibi (disambiguation)

Bibi is a given name, nickname and surname. It may also refer to:

  • Bibi (title), a South Asian title for women
  • Beneš-Mráz Bibi, a 1930s Czechoslovakian aircraft
  • Bibi Station, a railway station in Chitose, Hokkaidō, Japan
  • Bibi, a kind of Yongno, a Korean legendary creature
  • Bilingual–bicultural education (BiBi), deaf education programs
Bibi (artist)

Bibi (February 23, 1964, Tours, France) is a french artist. His civil name is Fabrice Cahoreau. He is living and working in the South of France. He is known for his art installations in urban spaces using everyday plastic objects.

Bibi (title)

Bibi means Miss in Urdu and is frequently used as a respectful title for Muslim women in South Asia when added to the given name.

Bibi, like Begum, is used as a surname by some Muslim British Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani women.

Usage examples of "bibi".

And the more Bibi Anaheim talked about her marriage, the more I wanted the martini.

At the security gate, I handed Hawk my gun and went through with Bibi and walked her to the gate.

Marty were trying to run, nor what was going on between Marty and Shirley, nor what went wrong between them, nor who is going to take over what hostilely, nor who killed Shirley Ventura, nor whether Marty is after Bibi, nor where Bibi is.

Hawk and Bibi and I were nearly the only people on the street, as we walked west toward the Strip in the neon-tinged late-night twilight, which was about as dark as it gets in Vegas.

The rest of the way back to The Mirage, Hawk and I had a lengthy discussion as to who would tail Bibi in the morning and who would sleep in.

I signed the check, left a big tip for Bob because he remembered me, went back up to my room with Bibi, and called Bernard J.

Carrying Marko, he staggered across the tiny courtyard to the back door Bibi had left open.

She broke off as Bibi came in carrying a tray with cold meat and fruit.

He would call out the moment he saw her, warn her, then hold back the committee while she bundled Sahra and Bibi out the back door.

When Sahra and Bibi had sworn, and Rinatto as well, Balanji stood and delivered his own oath, a promise of wisdom, protection and reward.

Uncle Nikilo came next where he could help both Sahra and Bibi, but mostly, Taverik noticed with amusement, Sahra.

Rinatto and Barsatta stood by the fire, but made way as Bibi went straight for it.

Without a word, Bibi rearranged the wood and smoke quickly ceased billowing.

Surely Sahra and Bibi should be back by now, and it felt like Taverik had been gone for days.

With the gate now unlocked, Balanji gave Sahra and Bibi final instructions for their first trip outside.