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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bibb \Bibb\ (b[i^]b), n. A bibcock. See Bib, n., 3.


n. A bibcock.

Bibb -- U.S. County in Alabama
Population (2000): 20826
Housing Units (2000): 8345
Land area (2000): 623.025058 sq. miles (1613.627425 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 3.136875 sq. miles (8.124469 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 626.161933 sq. miles (1621.751894 sq. km)
Located within: Alabama (AL), FIPS 01
Location: 33.040054 N, 87.123243 W
Bibb, AL
Bibb County
Bibb County, AL
Bibb -- U.S. County in Georgia
Population (2000): 153887
Housing Units (2000): 67194
Land area (2000): 249.962305 sq. miles (647.399370 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 5.169095 sq. miles (13.387893 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 255.131400 sq. miles (660.787263 sq. km)
Located within: Georgia (GA), FIPS 13
Location: 32.829689 N, 83.665205 W
Bibb, GA
Bibb County
Bibb County, GA

Bibb may refer to:

  • Bibb County, Alabama
  • Bibb County, Georgia
  • Bibb (surname)
  • Bibb lettuce, a variety of butterhead lettuce.
  • Bib
Bibb (surname)

Bibb is a surname of English origin. At the time of the British Census of 1881, its relative frequency was highest in Warwickshire (12.2 times the British average), followed by Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Dunbartonshire, London and Northamptonshire. In all other British counties, its relative frequency was below national average. The name Bibb may refer to:

  • Chris Bibb, British rugby league footballer
  • David Bibb, American civil servant
  • Eric Bibb (born 1951), American blues musician
  • Emmanuel Bibb, American streetball player
  • George M. Bibb (1776–1859), American politician
  • Henry Bibb (1815-1854), American abolitionist
  • Kyle Bibb (born 1988), English rugby league player
  • Leon Bibb (born 1944), American broadcaster
  • Leon Bibb (musician) (born 1922), American folk singer and actor
  • Leslie Bibb (born 1974), American actress
  • Thomas Bibb (1783–1839), American politician
  • William W. Bibb (1781–1820), American politician

Usage examples of "bibb".

No come off it Bibb, I mean all that southern officer bullshit of his?

Their meal arrived, and they ate in silence through the entree, a veal marsala accompanied by a Bibb lettuce and rugala salad.

The maid had set out five bone china plates holding salads that combined Bibb lettuce, avocado slices, and wedges of ripe pear with a crumbling of Gorgonzola.

Which had been a pointless order, when a score of undressed bibb is were hobbling down the highway with silver bells tied to their wrists and even the officers were staring at them like starving men seeing a plate of roast beef.

Your bleeding highness with a bedful of bare bibb is His face twitched as a bright idea occurred to him.

Probably had the bibb is of Seringapatam falling out of their saris, and Crosby, whose wife had died of the fever ten years before and who consoled himself with a two-rupee village whore every Thursday night, felt a pang of jealousy.

And Bibbs never, on any occassion of his life, either laughed aloud or wept.

Sheridan Automatic Pump Works, and at the end of six months the family physician sent Bibbs to begin at the bottom and learn from the ground up in a sanitarium.

Bigness that Bibbs was brought when the cane, without the nurse, was found sufficient to his support.

Here, too, among the thralls and bondmen, sat Bibbs Sheridan, a meek Banquo, wondering how anybody could look at him and eat.

It was his familiar flourish, an old story to Bibbs, and now jovially declaimed for the edification of Mary Vertrees.

Down near the sugar Pump Works, where Bibbs sat, there was audible speculation and admiration.

When she had gone, Bibbs mooned pessimistically from shelf to shelf, his eye wandering among the titles of the books.

In the hall they passed the Moor, and Bibbs paused before it while white-jacket opened the door with a flourish and waved condescendingly to the chauffeur in the car which stood waiting in the driveway.

George chuckled, perfectly understanding that for some unknown reason Bibbs enjoyed hearing him repeat his opinion of the Moor.