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Bial (Portela e C.ª, S.A.) is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Sao Mamede do Coronado, in Trofa, Porto district, Portugal. It was founded in 1924, being among the largest companies of its kind in Portugal.

Bial is an International Pharmaceutical Group . Its products are sold in pharmacies in more than 40 countries in 4 continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Some of the group companies are: Laboratórios Bial, Medibial, Bialfar, Bialport, Bial Aristegui, Medimport and Medangol.

Bial (disambiguation)

Bial or BIAL may refer to:


  • Deborah Bial (born 1965), American educationist, founded the Posse Foundation
  • Manfred Bial (1870–1908), German physician
  • Pedro Bial (born 1958), Brazilian journalist, TV producer and presenter (hosts Brazil's Big Brother)
  • , German-American violinist, composer, impresario


  • Bial, a pharmaceutical company based in Portugal
  • BIAL, Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore, India
  • BIAL IT Investment Region in Bangalore, India
  • Piz Bial, a mountain in Switzerland