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If the Lady Tylara bore her child in Chelm, her clansmen in Ta­maerthon would be slighted-and if in Tamaerthon, would not the knights and bheromen of Chelm know insult?

On the other hand, before he became Lord Protector he’d been Tylara’s general, and he held most of his lands as a mere bheroman in her service.

Now that the fireworks are over we have to go show Isobel off to every goddam bheroman and knight in the joint, and get the king’s blessing and—“You needn’t smirk about it,” Rick said.

He has bheromen and knights, even sons of Wanaxxae who hoped for lands in Drantos.

They were impressive enough in their haughty ways, but they were not as well mounted as Drantos knights and bheromen-certainly not as well as the Roman heavy cavalry, the splendid cataphracti who’d once dominated most of this continent.

Some day he’d have the entire Army in his files, and then let the bheromen try to shirk their sworn service to the crown!

Some bheromen and knights resented young Ganton’s stay at the University, but Apelles knew the value of education, which gave even young swine-herds the power of writing.

The next Drantos bheroman would probably face Westmen ar­mored with the spoils from Harkon’s army.

Someone had told Ganton of a strange cus­tom, incognito Rick had called it, whereby a Wanax might travel as an eqeta, or even a bheroman, and be treated as such, even though everyone knew he was really the Wanax.

My lady, my lords, it has been greatly convenient to be here as a bheroman.

He later found favor with Bheroman Enipses, who appointed him to be priest in his own house­hold.

Wanax Sarakos, aided by the starmen serving Colonel Parsons, invaded the land and drove Bheroman Enipses from his castle.

When Bheroman Enipses returned, he dis­missed Nictoros as priest of his household, saying that Nictoros should have accompanied him to exile rather than remaining within the castle.

I did not agree with Bheroman Enipses, but certainly there was no need for dispute.

This was re­warded, for Nictoros foolishly travelled beyond the town walls, and Enipses had men waiting, who brought Nictoros before the bheroman’s court.