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n. 1 (surname from=India dot=) that is common in many ethnicities in India. 2 Traditionally among Brahmins, a Brahmin who has learned all the four Vedas.


Bhat , also spelled as Butt ( Pahari: بٹ), both of which are a shortened rendition of Bhatta, also spelled Bhatt, , is a common surname in India and Pakistan.

Usage examples of "bhat".

On Bhat II the entire entertainment network broke down when a vital communications relay satellite abruptly refused to distribute the signals it normally uplinked.

Crime on Bhat rose to alarming proportions as incidents of domestic violence multiplied dramatically.

Hawkins had put together was money: Chinese, American dollars, plenty of yen, Thai bhat, and a good sum of the ubiquitous euros.

All she had was some bhat stuck in her pocket, and they had no passports.

The gold Rolex, the white linen bush jacket, the Thai Bhat chain around his neck, the heavy leather briefcase with combination locks on every zipper.

The heavy, square-linked gold Bhat chain around his neck could only have been bought in some midnight jewelry store on a back street in Bangkok, and the watch on his wrist was a gold Rolex with a stainless steel band.

They spoke for a few more minutes before she slipped them a couple bhat, then straightened.

When the marks stopped, he stopped, offering bhat for a soda, then kept going.

Bala Bhat, was wounded in the battle, and it is said that his general of cavalry, Teeka Singh, had his elephant killed under him.

Siad did sing songs to honor the deeds of the Confederation Marine they called Siraj Bhats, and his bold men.