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The Bhar are a caste in India, sometimes referred to as a subcaste of boatmen.

Communities that are related to the Bhar by occupation in Uttar Pradesh include the Batham, Bind, Dhimar, Dhinwar, Dhewar, Gariya, Gaur, Godia, Gond, Guria, Jhimar, Jhir, Jhinwar, Jhiwar, Kahar, Kashyap, Keot, Kewat, Kharwar, Khairwar, Kumhar, Machua, Majhi, Majhwar, Mallah, Nishad, Prajapati,Riakwar, Tura, Turah, Turaha, Tureha and Turaiha. Whether this would happen was a significant issue in the campaign for the 2014 Indian general election.

Usage examples of "bhar".

Scholar Bhar paused, admiring the graceful arc of her slim body within the silken pool of her robes.

Reyman Bhar had lately performed a great service for the priests of Iravati, and stood in need of a wife.

Esteemed and Blessed Scholar Reyman Bhar is returned home and bids his daughter Inas attend him in the study.

Scholar Bhar came home with only his youngest daughter to companion him.

Inas Bhar, youngest daughter of Scholar Reyman Bhar, who died the death to preserve what I bring you tonight.