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Bhada is the 3rd largest village in Ausa Taluka, Latur district ( Maharashtra,India), with a population of around ten thousand inhabitants. The main occupation of the people is agriculture although there aren't any big rivers in the village.The farming is mostly rain fed and very few is under irrigation.

Bhada is located 12 km away from Ausa and 30 km from Latur ( District Place). Bhada was very famous for guava fruits in earlier days.Nowadays some progressive farmers cultivate banana, pomegranate, watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, and vegetables as a cash crops with high quality yields. Cotton (up to 100 ha), Soyabean, Tur are the major crops of the Bhada.Some of the farmers use improved and advanced technology and methods for more productivity with high quality yields.

In Bhada, Police Station (02383-228533), Primary Health Center, ZP school, Girls' school, Veterinary hospital facilitate people and their needs.

Shri Hari-Har (Vitthal-Rakhumai and Mahadev) temple and Hanuman temple are situated in Bhada. Shri Sadgurunath Prabhakar Swami Maharaj Temple Bhada is very famous in nearby area. Muslim Brothers pray to Allah in a Mosque, situated in Bhada.

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Bhada (Charan)

Bhada is the main clan of the Charan caste of India.

  • This community have dominant only in the state of Rajasthan, a primitive charan clan which had pristigious place in whole charan caste and other community also.
  • clan deity of this community is savngya mata
  • There are seven major thikanas (locations) of the Bhada clan in Rajasthan: 3 in Mewar, two in Dhundar, including Kacholiya, Gundali and Lasariya.