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init. (context organic compound English) butylated hydroxyanisole


BHA may mean:

  • Barbados House of Assembly
  • Berkshire Hathaway Assurance
  • Beta hydroxy acid
  • Boston Housing Authority
  • Broadland Housing Association
  • Buddha Air (ICAO airline code: BHA) an airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Bahía de Caráquez (IATA airport code: BHA), Ecuador
  • Bottom hole assembly, pipe string end assembly of the drilling rig (crude oil production term)
  • Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.
  • British Homeopathic Association
  • British Horseracing Authority
  • British Hospitality Association
  • British Humanist Association
  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole, a food additive
  • BHA (for "Butt-Head Astronomer"), a code-name for the Power Macintosh 7100 computer
  • Bibliography of the History of Art, a bibliographic database on the history of Western art, produced by Getty Research Institute

Usage examples of "bha".

In the depths a carpet of huge tree-tops clothed a vast stretch of country, through the midst of which, seen here and there in a bend of silver among the woods, the Bhavinan bore the waters of a thousand secret mountain solitudes down to an unknown sea.

There lieth this curse upon all this land of the Bhavinan, that whoso, whether he be man or beast, slayeth in this land or doeth here any deed of violence, there cometh down a curse upon him that in that instant must destroy and blast him for ever off the face of the earth.

The birches swaying by the Bhavinan were not more graceful nor the distant mountain-crags behind them m ore untameable to behold than he.

And well he thought that if Juss should fly with Brandoch Daha mounted on hippogriff to that cold mountain top where souls of the great were held in bondage, he should never win back alone to the world of men, past the frozen mountains, and the mantichores, and past the crocodile that dwelt beside Bhavinan.

The thousand little boys were the thousand Buddhas of this Bhadra-kalpa.

Our present period is a Bhadra-kalpa, and four Buddhas have already appeared.

The thousand Buddhas of this Bhadra-kalpa, indeed, will all use the same alms-bowl.

Bhaer stood by, watching her blush and blunder, and as he watched, his own bewilderment seemed to subside, for he was beginning to see that on some occasions, women, like dreams, go by contraries.

She began to see that character is a better possession than money, rank, intellect, or beauty, and to feel that if greatness is what a wise man has defined it to be, `truth, reverence, and good will', then her friend Friedrich Bhaer was not only good, but great.

Bhaer could not take color as a witness, and some of the little boys were so frightened that they stammered over the two short words as if guilty, though it was evident that they could not be.

Bhaer returned from her drive that afternoon, before she could unpack the load of little boys, without whom she seldom moved, a small girl of ten skipped out at the back of the carry-all, and ran into the house, shouting,—.

Bhaer paused, outtalked but not one whit convinced, Jo wanted to clap her hands and thank him.

Bhaer put a stop to some of his speculations, and tried to give him a better idea of business talent than mere sharpness in overreaching his neighbors.

But her faith in the good spot which exists in the heart of the naughtiest, sauciest, most tantalizing little ragamuffin gave her patience, skill, and in time success, for no mortal boy could hold out long with Father Bhaer shining on him as benevolently as the sun, and Mother Bhaer forgiving him seventy times seven.