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BFT is the abbreviation of:

  • Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences, a multidisciplinary project which aims to gather a permanent terminological database for all fields of research in Finland (
  • Battle Force Tank, in Recoil
  • Beaufort scale, an empirical measure for describing wind speed
  • BFT Tree, see Tree traversal#Breadth-first
  • Blacky Fae the Toon, a regular attendee at Harlem
  • Blue fin tuna, a common name used to refer to several species of tuna of the genus Thunnus
  • Blue Force Tracking, a United States military term
  • Blunt Force Trauma, trauma caused by sudden impact
  • Brother Firetribe, a Finnish rock band
  • But First This, a summer holiday strand of programmes for CBBC in the 1990s
  • Byzantine fault tolerance, a sub-field of error tolerance research

bft is the abbreviation of:

  • Bundesverband freier Tankstellen e.V. (see German Wikipedia), a membership of the National Association of Independent Filling Stations in Germany, most of the stations also have the BFT-specific signs