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init. 1 Brute Force and Ignorance - programming jargon for relying on raw computing power. For example, an algorithm that uses BFI might search through all possible options to find the single best option, whereas a more sophisticated algorithm might deduce the best option using a set of rules. BFI based algorithms tend to be simpler, and can under some circumstances be faster. 2 Brute Force and Ignorance - pre-dates computers, and refers to a 'sledge-hammer to crack a nut' type of approach. Implies an approach with a lack of subtlety or sophistication, instead, implies the use of raw strength or power. 3 Brace For Impact - Common warning from U.S. military units to infer a warning to brace themselves, mainly because of an immediate threat. May either be pronounced as "B-F-I" in the letter order, or as "Bee-fi" in short. 4 (w: British Film Institute)


BFI may refer to:

  • Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, United States (by IATA airport code)
  • British Film Institute, a British charitable organisation
  • Browning-Ferris Industries, an American waste collection company
    • BFI Canada, a non-hazardous solid waste management company in North America
  • Buckminster Fuller Institute, a US charitable institution dedicated to propagating the ideas of Buckminster Fuller
  • Big Five Inventory, a survey for measuring the Big Five personality traits
  • Baby Friendly Initiative (UK), the pro-breastfeeding campaign run buy UNICEF UK as part of the global Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
  • Blind Foundation for India
  • Bureau of Fraud Investigation, Irish national police division responsible for investigating fraudulent activity
  • Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, a cross-disciplinary center for research in economics at the University of Chicago