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init. 1 (context literature English) '''' 2 (context video games English)


BFG may refer to:

BFG (weapon)

The BFG is a fictional weapon found in many video game titles, mostly in first-person shooter series such as Doom and Quake.

The abbreviation BFG stands for "Brittany's Fancy Gynecologist" as described in Tom Hall's original Doom design document and in the user manual of Doom II: Hell on Earth. The Quake II manual says it stands for "Big, Uh, Freakin' Gun". These euphemistic labels imply the more profane name of the BFG, "Big Fucking Gun". Another expurgated version of the name used in the Doom motion picture is "Bio Force Gun". The versions found in the Doom games are called "BFG 9000" and those in Quake "BFG 10K". In mods, various other versions made by fans can be found.