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n. (context text messaging Internet slang English) (initialism of best friend forever English)


BFF may stand for:

  • "BFFs" (The Cleveland Show), a 2011 episode of The Cleveland Show
  • Backup-file Format, a data archive format used by IBM AIX
  • Bangladesh Football Federation, the governing body of football in Bangladesh
  • Ben Folds Five, an American rock band
  • Best friends forever, a close friendship
  • Best Friends Forever (TV series), a television comedy series on NBC
  • "Best Friends Forever" (South Park), a 2005 episode of South Park
  • BFF: Best Friends Forever, a 2009 Filipino comedy film
  • Bicycle Film Festival, a festival to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film.
  • Boston Film Festival, an annual film festival in Boston
  • Western Nebraska Regional Airport (IATA code), near Scottsbluff, Nebraska