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Bex is a municipality in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, located in the district of Aigle. It is a few miles south of its sister town municipality of Aigle.

Bex (compound analgesic)

Bex was a strong compound analgesic which was popular in Australia for much of the twentieth century. It came in the form of A.P.C. ( aspirinphenacetincaffeine) tablets or powder, containing 42% aspirin, 42% phenacetin, plus caffeine.

Bex was advertised with the phrase, "Stressful Day? What you need is a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down". Bex powders were the housewife's drug of choice in the 1950s and 1960s until they were shown to be highly addictive and responsible for causing kidney disease when taken in large doses. It has also been linked to kidney cancer.

Usage examples of "bex".

Monsieur Bex, but without doubt Monsieur Renauld could drive the car himself?

At this minute there was a tap on the door which Bex had closed after him.

I am still in the dark, but, as I hinted just now to Monsieur Bex, these footmarks are the most important and interesting things in the case!

I walked over to the body, and gently pulled down the sheet as Bex had done the preceding afternoon.

Briefly she told Bex how, toward the end, she had worked in Cameroon, as the loggers had worked their way out into the virgin rain forest, and the hunters had followed.

When I knew her before, Bex did not have many close friends, but for the ones she had, such as me, she poured out her thoughts, and her heart.

Could Bex see me for what I was, she would not see a man, but a kind of colonial creature, a mash of life pressed into the niches and fault lines of existence like so much grit and lichen.

When I returned to my house in the star-bright night, I half expected to find Bex, but she was not there.

The next day, Bex still did not come, and I began to fear something had happened to her.

I now took my rest, when I rested, Bex told me that the glims had taken her father.

After the buzz started, Bex opened the lock and dragged the old man out.

I should have known by knowing Bex that he was made of a tougher grit.

Her father again insisted he was going back into town, but Bex told him the glims were looking for him.

The halandana was a green figure, Marek was red, Bex was a faded rose.

I kept my eyes fixed, far away from this place, this time, and her passing was a swirl of air, a red-brown swish of hair, and Bex was gone.