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Bevin can refer to:

  • Ernest Bevin, a British politician and statesman
  • Matt Bevin (born 1967), American businessman and politician; governor of Kentucky
  • Michael Bevin, a New Zealand field hockey goalkeeper
  • In the Myst franchise of computer games, Bevin is a neighbourhood of the D'ni caverns

Usage examples of "bevin".

If Churchill should go, Cripps and Bevin are tipped as the likeliest men for the premiership, with Bevin evidently favourite.

The shock of disaster brought a few able men like Bevin to the front, but in general we are still commanded by people who managed to live through the years 1931-9 without even discovering that Hitler was dangerous.

Would you say that Bevin and Morrison still command the support of the British working class?

I should say that Bevin does command working-class support and Morrison probably not.

If Churchill should go, Cripps and Bevin are tipped as the likeliest men for the premiership, with Bevin evidently favourite.

Over the intersection where Gordie Wiser had burned the Union Jack after many others had trampled and spit on it the day Ernest Bevin announced his Palestine policy, past the house where the Boy Wonder had been born, stopping to mark time at the corner where their fathers and elder brothers, armed with baseball bats, had fought the Frogs during the conscription riots, the boys came marching.

She drew the covers over her breasts as the door opened and Bevins stepped into the room.

She looked at the bellpull, hesitant to summon Bevins, wondering if she would ever get used to the idea of having someone ready to fulfill her every desire.

As the days passed, she came to realize that Bevins was quite a remarkable man.

She voiced her concern to Bevins, wondering if she needed to see a doctor, but he assured her that she was perfectly fine, that it was only the change in diet and atmosphere causing her distress, and that she would soon adapt.

A moment later, Bevins entered the room bearing a crystal decanter and a wineglass, which he set in front of Rayven.

When she was bored, Bevins drove her to the marketplace in the next town for a day of shopping and then, like a silent shadow, he followed her wherever she went.

Once, she had asked Bevins if she might invite her mother and sisters to the castle.

Except for the occasions when Bevins had taken her shopping in the neighboring town, it was the first time she had been out of the sheltered valley where she had been born, the first time she had been to the city.

Chapter Eleven Bevins climbed the stairs to the east tower, aware of the unrest that troubled his master.