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The Collaborative International Dictionary

bevatron \bev"a*tron\ n. a particle accelerator which is capable of accelerating protons up to 6 gigaeletron volts.


n. A particle accelerator of the 1950s, capable of imparting energies of billions of electron volts.


n. a cyclotron that accelerates protons up to several billion electron volts


The Bevatron was a particle accelerator — specifically, a weak-focusing proton synchrotron — at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S., which began operating in 1954. The antiproton was discovered there in 1955, resulting in the 1959 Nobel Prize in physics for Emilio Segrè and Owen Chamberlain. It accelerated protons into a fixed target, and was named for its ability to impart energies of billions of eV. (Billions of eV Synchrotron.)

Bevatron (comics)
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Usage examples of "bevatron".

The particles of which they were made were born, in the great clumsy bevatrons of that age, some micro-seconds in the future, and their assembly into atoms of anti-matter in the present time of the observers was in fact the moment of their death.