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Bev may refer to:

  • The first name Beverly or Beverley can be contracted to the more informal "Bev". Well-known Bevs include:
    • Beverley Knight, a female R&B/soul singer from the UK
    • Beverley Sisters, British vocal trio
    • Bev Bighead, a fictional frog in Rocko's Modern Life
  • Bev, US slang use is growing in Southern states, generally implying someone is at the top of their game, or has their look together. "She was a total Bev."
  • Bevs, UK slang for beverages, generally implying beer or other alcoholic drinks

BEV may stand for:

  • Battery electric vehicle
  • Beam's eye view
  • Black English Vernacular, a form of English commonly spoken by some African-Americans in the United States
  • Blacksburg Electronic Village
  • Blessed Ever-Virgin, a name referring to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ
  • British Electric Vehicles Ltd, Southport, Lancashire - an early manufacturer of electric road and rail vehicles. Succeeded by Wingrove & Rogers Ltd, Kirkby, Liverpool.
  • Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen, the Austrian agency for national mapping and metronomy
  • Billion- electronvolt (BeV), equivalent to the SI term GeV (gigaelectronvolt)

Usage examples of "bev".

There was the photo of Bev and Trev on the masthead and inside a big, two page spread.

Thursday evening we went down to the Bunch of Grapes at the end of the street and Bev showed me her two sample columns.

Trevor lay by her chair, contentedly sucking the head of his toy gorilla while Bev and I looked at the plates.

Tail wagging, he ushered me into the sitting room, where he and Bev were watching TV.

Bella walked away to talk to some other people, and Bea was chatting to Bev so I had a quick look round the shop.

Theo was talking to Bev, then the twins extricated themselves from their respective conversations and came up to me.

But all these petty aggravations fade into insignificance compared with the things Bev and I have seen this week.

So I phoned Bev as I drove back to Hope Street and asked her whether Henry might be able to help.

Rarely does it occur to Bev that she has no good reason to compete with a woman Jay fantasizes about chopping up and feeding to the alligators and crawfish in the bayou outside their door.

He helps Bev with nothing, his distinctive looks impossible to disguise because he is too vain to ruin his beauty.

Jealousy smolders as Bev picks up speed, heading due west to Jacks Boat Landing.

She remembers her father lifting other little girls on his lap, demanding that Bev bring home playmates just so he could cuddle with them and make her watch.

Bev walked out on him one day and never went back, the same way her mother had when Bev was three, leaving her with him and his needs.

All the same, when Bev is out in the boat, she fantasizes about the Mississippi, about riverboat cruises and casinos, about fruity cocktails and beer in frozen glasses and maybe watching Mardi Gras from the window of a nice air-conditioned hotel.

One step would lead to another until Marino discovered Jay Talley and Bev Kiffin in Baton Rouge and eliminated them.