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Betts is an English surname, and may refer to

  • Alejandro Betts (born 1947), Argentine historian
  • Arnie F. Betts (1909-1993), American politician
  • Blair Betts (born 1980), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Chris Betts, baseball player
  • Clive Betts (born 1950), British politician
  • Daisy Betts, Australian actress
  • Denis Betts (born 1969), English rugby league player
  • Dickey Betts (born 1943), American guitarist, singer, and songwriter
  • Edward Betts (1815–1872), English railway contractor
  • Frederick Betts (1859–1944), Landowner and donated Betts Park
  • Frederick Nicholson Betts (1906–1973), British Indian Army officer and an ornithologist
  • Harry Betts (died 1985), jazz composer
  • Jackson Edward Betts (1904–1993), Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio
  • John Betts, several people
  • Jonathan Betts (born 1955), British horological scholar
  • Jonathan Betts-LaCroix, American computer company executive
  • Keter Betts (1928–2005), American jazz double bassist
  • Ladell Betts (born 1979), American football running back
  • Leah Betts (1977–1995), English ecstasy-related death
  • Melvyn Betts (born 1975), English cricketer
  • Mookie Betts (born 1992), Major League baseball player
  • Morton Betts (1847–1914), English sportsman
  • Naomi Betts (born 1982), American criminal
  • Robert Betts (born 1981), English footballer
  • Roland W. Betts (born 1946), American businessman
  • Samuel Betts (1660–1733), Connecticut state representative
  • Samuel Rossiter Betts (1786–1868), United States congressman and federal judge from New York
  • Thaddeus Betts (1789–1840), United States Senator and Lieutenant Governor from Connecticut
  • Thomas Betts (1650–1717), member of the Connecticut House of Representatives
  • Todd Betts (born 1973), Canadian baseball player

Betts may also refer to;

  • Betts electrolytic process for separating lead and bismuth
  • the Supreme Court Case Betts v. Brady
  • R v Betts and Ridley, a famous case in British law
  • Betts Group in Australia