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Bette (TV series)

Bette is an American sitcom which premiered on October 11, 2000 on the CBS network. It was the debut of Bette Midler in a lead TV series role. 16 episodes were aired on CBS, with its final telecast on March 7, 2001. Eighteen episodes in total were produced, with the final two broadcast on HDTV simulcasting and in foreign markets. Bette was created by Jeffrey Lane, with Midler serving as one of the executive producers.

Bette (album)

Bette is a self-titled album by Bette Midler, released in 2000 by Warner Bros. Records (see 2000 in music). This album only reached #69 on Billboard 200, and Warner Bros. dropped Bette from its roster in 2001 because of declining record sales. (As of October 2003, the album had sold 226,000 copies in the United States according to Nielsen SoundScan).


Bette may refer to:

  • Bette (album), by Bette Midler
  • Bette (TV series), a program starring Bette Midler
  • Jean-Christophe Bette, French competitive rower
  • Jean Fran├žois de Bette, Marquis of Lede
  • Bette (given name), people with the given name Bette
Bette (given name)

Bette is a given name, sometimes short for Elizabeth and Bettina, and may refer to:

  • Bette Davis, American actress
  • Bette Franke, Dutch fashion model
  • Bette Midler, American singer and actress
  • Bette Kane, fictional character in DC Comics
  • Bette Porter, fictional The L-Word character
  • Bette Nesmith Graham, inventor of liquid paper
  • Bette Tattler, fictional character in American Horror Story: Freak Show

Usage examples of "bette".

Carrie said automatically to be polite as they walked into the living room where Bette greeted Maddie.

The back seat of my car is small, Bette, so you may have to take off your hat for the trip.

Carrie concentrated on pulling on her coat and helping Maddie and Bette into theirs.

Carrie concentrated on getting the food ready and the table set while Bette talked to Maddie in the living room.

In fact, he was so considerate of Maddie and Bette as well as herself, that Carrie decided he related to each of them equally in the same honest and friendly fashion.

Peter said goodbye to Bette, she stayed with Maddie in the living room.

Carrie feel good with her parting statement, Bette added to the heavy guilt that Carrie already felt.

She always appeared happy to have Bette come to visit, and now it meant Carrie was free to spend the time helping the teenagers at church.

Carrie hurried back to the front hall, she saw Bette coming down the stairs in tears.

She felt so worried and helpless, but one look at how pale Bette looked and Carrie began to worry about her, too.

Peter told Bette, holding out his elbow for her as he winked at Carrie.

I talked to Bette after church, and she said Maggie had just slept in a little too long to get ready in time.

It was empty and clean, and her car sat at the end of the driveway, all packed--both situations due to her working late into the night after Peter left to take Bette home.

Bill Bolton stood up--reluctantly, Bette thought, as she peeked around the pulpit.

Bette leaned over to whisper to Harriet who quietly hurried out of the sanctuary while Bette continued.