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n. (plural of bet English) vb. third person singular of bet

Usage examples of "bets".

Pip and Bets in joy and delight, barking and licking and whining as if he had gone mad.

They met the baker, and Bets gave him a long and piercing stare, wondering if he could by any chance be Fatty.

Pip took Bets, and Larry went with Daisy, and with many squeals and yells they crashed into one another, and shook themselves and the little cars almost to pieces.

He gave Bets the silver propelling-pencil and she was really delighted.

Balloon-woman, and bobbed a funny little curtsey that nearly sent Bets into fits of laughter.

Balloon-woman, winking at Bets to show that her message had been heard.

He raised his eyebrows at Bets to ask her if she had delivered the message all right.

Larry was at the corner, Pip was near the house, and Daisy and Bets were not far off.

Fatty was about to say no, when he thought that probably it would be a good idea to let Bets comeHilary could show her this, that and the otherand he could slip away unseen and snoop round by himself.

So, after Class 22 had competed in jumping, and Hilary had most surprisingly won the little silver cup offered, Fatty, Bets and the rest moved off, accompanied by a suddenly cheerful Hilary.

Fatty looked at his watch and gave such a loud exclamation that Bets jumped and Hilary stopped, startled.

Fatty had gone to tea with Larry and Daisy that afternoon, as Pip and Bets had gone out with their mother.

If you do, Bets and I can be with you and Larry, and we can all be together.

Then Bets saw that a little packet of soap powder had fallen out and was lying in the road.

He recognized Pip and Bets, as he walked up with his cocky little stride.