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Bethe may refer to:

  • Hans Bethe (1906–2005) German-American nuclear physicist
  • Albrecht Bethe (1872–1954) German physiologist and father of Hans Bethe
  • Erich Bethe (1863–1940) German philologist
  • Kitty Bethe (born 1960) U.S. bridge player
  • Hans Bethe House at the Cornell West Campus
  • Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics at the University of Bonn
  • Bethe (B), unit of energy named after the physicist
  • Hans Bethe Prize, of the American Physical Society

Usage examples of "bethe".

Bethe Corbair as well, his own celebratory mood not extending to either of his companions.

Lanacan Orlando, the heartier of the two, was the Blesser of Bethe Corbair, and held services in his city beneath the holy bell tower in the beautiful basilica of Ryles Ced-elian, the cathedral dedicated to the wind.

Orlando, the Blesser of Bethe Corbair, was the first there, whispering words of comfort.

Lanacan Orlando, the gentle Blesser of Bethe Corbair, cleared his throat nervously.

Most likely, the exhaustion of fossil fuels, as on Earth, led to a period of the use of the uranides, whose further exploitation proved unprofitable after mastery of the Bethe Cycle.

When I was at Los Alamos I found out that Hans Bethe was absolutely topnotch at calculating.