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The Collaborative International Dictionary

beth \beth\ n. the 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.


n. 1 name of the second letter of the Aramaic alphabet,


n. the 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Beth (Hebrew)

In Hebrew letter beth (meaning "house") is associated with the following Biblical locations

  • Bethel, "house of God (cf. El)" — (see Genesis 28:19)
  • Bethlehem, "house of bread." Ironically, in the book of Ruth, there was a famine in Bethlehem, the "house of bread", which led Naomi's family to Moab, where she met Ruth. Bethlehem is best known as the birthplace of Jesus but was also known as the "city of David".
  • Bethany, "house of dates" or "house of misery"
  • Bethphage, "house of unripe figs"
  • Bethesda, "house of grace" — the name of a pool in Jerusalem (see John 5:2)
  • Bethsaida, "house of fish"
  • Beth-shemesh, "house of the sun"

The word Beth may refer to:

  • Beth (letter), the second letter in many Semitic alphabets, including Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Aramaic, and Phoenician
    • Beth numbers, a sequence of infinite cardinal numbers named for the Hebrew letter
    • The Hebrew word for "house", often used in the name of synagogues and schools (e.g. Beth Israel)
Given name

Beth is a popular female name in English; it is usually a nickname for:

  • Elizabeth (given name)
  • Bethany (given name)
  • Bethan
  • Elsbeth (Scottish version of Elizabeth)
  • Beth (singer) (b. 1981), Spanish singer
  • Beth Allen (b. 1984), New Zealand actress
  • Beth Amsel, American folk singer
  • Beth Anders (b. 1951), American field hockey player and coach
  • Beth Anderson (composer) (b. 1950), American composer
  • Beth Anderson, American singer
  • Beth Bauer (b. 1980), American professional golfer
  • Beth Beglin (b. 1957), American field hockey player
  • Beth Behrs (b. 1985), American actress
  • Beth Barr (b. 1971), American swimmer
  • Beth Bonner (1952–1998), American long-distance runner
  • BethAnn Bonner (b. 1982), American actress
  • Beth Botsford (b. 1981), American swimmer
  • Beth Broderick (b. 1959), American actress
  • Beth Buchanan (b. 1952), Australian actress
  • Beth Cahill (b. 1963), American television actress
  • Beth Carvalho (b. 1946), Brazilian singer and composer
  • Beth Chapman (b. 1962), American politician
  • Beth Chatto (b. 1923), British garden designer
  • Beth Chamberlin (b. 1963), American actress
  • Beth Clayton, American opera singer
  • Beth Cordingly (b. 1977), English actress
  • Beth Courtney (b. 1945), CEO/president of Louisiana Public Broadcasting
  • Beth Couture (b. 1962), American women's basketball coach
  • Beth Daniel (b. 1956), American golfer
  • Beth Denisch (b. 1958), American composer
  • Beth Ditto (b. 1981), American singer-songwriter
  • Beth Dunkenberger, American women's basketball coach
  • Beth Edmonds (b. 1950), American politician
  • Beth Ehlers (b. 1968), American politician
  • Beth Fowler (b. 1940), American actress and singer
  • Beth Gaines (b. 1959), American politician
  • Beth Grant (b. 1949), American actress
  • Beth Gibbons (b. 1965), English singer-songwriter
  • Beth Goddard (b. 1969), British actress
  • Beth Goobie (b. 1959), Canadian poet and writer
  • Beth Gylys (b. 1964), American poet and professor of English and Creative Writing
  • Beth Hart (b. 1972), American singer
  • Beth Heiden (b. 1959), American athlete
  • Beth Henley (b. 1952), American actress
  • Beth Herr (b. 1964), American tennis player
  • Beth Holloway (b. 1961), American speech pathologist
  • Beth Howland (b. 1941), American actress
  • Beth Iskiw (b. 1979), Canadian curler
  • Beth Jeans Houghton, English singer-songwriter
  • Beth Johnson, Canadian politician
  • Beth Karas, American television reporter
  • Beth Kerttula, American politician
  • Beth Kephart, American author
  • Beth Kingston (b. 1986), English actress
  • Beth Kobliner, American journalist
  • Beth Krom, American politician
  • Beth Krommes (b. 1956), American illustrator
  • Beth Krush (1918–2009), American illustrator
  • Beth Landau (b. 1950), American filmmaker
  • Beth Lapides, American entertainer
  • Beth Leavel (b. 1955), American stage actress
  • Beth Levin (linguist) (b. 1955), American linguist
  • Beth Levin (musician) (b. 1950), American classical pianist
  • Beth Levine (Fashion designer) (1914–2006), American fashion designer
  • Beth Liebling (born 1967), American musician
  • Beth Lisick, American writer
  • Beth Littleford (b. 1968), American actress
  • Beth Orton (b. 1970), English singer-songwriter
  • Beth Phoenix (b. 1980), Polish American professional wrestler and former WWE Diva
  • Beth Wood (b. 1954), U.S. state auditor
Fictional characters
  • Beth Bailey
  • Beth Brennan
  • Beth Clement
  • Beth Green
  • Beth Greene
  • Beth Hunter
  • Beth Jordache
  • Elizabeth "Beth" March, fictional character in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women
  • Elizabeth "Beth" Childs, a character in the series Orphan Black
  • Evert Willem Beth (1908–1964), Dutch philosopher and logician
  • Wilhelm Beth (1855–1922), German father of the dust collector
  • "Beth" (song), by the band Kiss
Beth (singer)

Elisabeth Rodergas Cols, better known as Beth, (; born 23 December 1981 ) is a Spanish singer and actress.

Beth (song)

"Beth" is a ballad by Kiss, originally released on their 1976 album, Destroyer. To date, it is their highest-charting single in the US, reaching #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. It is one of only two gold selling singles for the band (the other being 1979's " I Was Made for Lovin' You"), and their first of two Top Ten singles (along with 1990's " Forever", #8) in the US. Beth was named #3 in VH1's 25 Greatest Power Ballads.

Usage examples of "beth".

They are Nola Aimee, Avis Prentice, Pelly Carpenter, Emma Burke, Beth Orville, Molly Thomm and Peavy Green.

I-95, Cade listened absently as Val chatted with Beth on her cell phone.

But then, Lady Cawle, Arabella, and Beth managed to deflect any attempt to question Serena about her origins.

Beth, who shampooed her hair, to talk about the late Vivian Carpenter Covey, but all she learned was that Beth nearly fainted when she read that Vivian was worth so much money.

Nancy had a fever with chills so violent and sweating so profuse that she stayed in bed all day and night, except when Beth stripped the sheets and gave them to the dhobi, who came for the laundry.

Beth and the utter unresponsiveness of her abdomen to the dhobi pen were stimulations so extreme that Rahul continued to yield to them.

I had invited Beth, and Dunster was there with a girl who looked very young, had large breasts and seemed scared of him.

So I never told Cris about Dunster and Beth, not even years later, when he first mentioned War Crimes, and gave me the scripts and told me who had written them.

I wondered exactly how I was going to ask the man who had given me my job, and taken me away to forget my pain over Beth and Dunster, and who had always been more like an exceptionally companionable father than an employer to me, whether he happened to recall having taken part in a massacre.

I remembered promising myself that I would never again become involved with anyone who had been my lover in a play, but that night the declaration of war with Dunster had separated me further from the memory of Beth.

Mary Beth Norton, Paul and Cathy Rancourt, Robert Wilson, Roger Kennedy, Richard Gilder, the Reverend Sheldon W.

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Maud and Beth volunteered their services and were so calm and deft that Doctor Gys was well pleased with them.

She had just come on deck after a long and trying session in assisting Doctors Gys and Kelsey to care for the injured, a session during which Beth and Patsy had also stood nobly to their gruesome task.

It was because of Omar and Beth that Harad now found himself in the middle of police scrutiny.