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'''Betan ''' is a village development committee in Surkhet District in the Bheri Zone of mid-western Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 2644 people living in 407 individual households.

Usage examples of "betan".

Or even in the Betan Orb ultra-classy sexual smorgasbord and training academy sense.

A long sarong in a dark, conservative print, a high-necked shirt and long-sleeved jacket against what a Betan would doubtless interpret as the station chill, and fine leather sandals completed an expensive-looking ensemble in the Betan style.

Bel diving over the intervening Betan and landing on him in a smothering clutch.

But Garnet Five is known to, um, favor exotic downsiders, and the Betan herm is, after all, a Betan herm.

On the deck above, the kitchen was open, as were some of the recreation areas, but no cheeky Betan herm or unnaturally decomposed remains were to be found.

The ba was there, still dressed in the Betan garb of its discarded alias, jacket and sarong and sandals.

Barrayaran for the last two categories, although Betan enough not to mind them for others.

Quite as fascinating as the toggle box was a dark, slender, and by Betan law very illegal little needle gun.

He was followed by a new Betan security patrolman, and a limping Betan civilian Miles had never seen before, who was gesticulating and complaining bitterly.

At that point, as Miles had hoped and foreseen, proceedings broke down in a morass of untested interplanetary legal hypotheses that threatened to engulf the Barrayaran Embassy and the Betan State Department on ever-ascending levels of personnel.

The outraged Betan was directed to take his case to the Barrayaran Embassy in person.

Elena might even pick up a little of her Betan indifference to Barrayaran class distinctions.

All the detritus of high tech, awaiting apotheosis as the next generation of Betan ingenuity, gleamed out amid more banal and universal human rubbish.

I thought Betan medicine was advanced enough to cure any kind of hangover.

The blue in the title of the docudrama referred to the color of the uniform worn by the Betan Expeditionary Force, of which Captain Cordelia Naismith had been a part.