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Betal ( Devanagari:बेताळ) is a popular folk deity in Goa, Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra and Karwar of Karnataka in India.Images of Betal are stark naked with an emaciated belly, most of he sculptures of Betal are depicted with sword in one hand and in another hand bowl is shown. As per historians Betal is a deity of aboriginal tribes of Konkan who were of Proto-Australoid origin and worshiped demigods and spirits.The word Betal though sanskritised as ( Devanagari:वेताल), is believed to have roots in Austric languages. Betal being the Gramadevata is the guardian of the village. According to the tradition he moves throughout the village at night and keeps vigil on the property of the devotees.Cult of Betal has been very prominent in Goa,blood sacrifices are made to Betal in most places. Betal is also known as Vetoba in Sindhudurg.Agyo Betal is another form of Betal found in Goa.