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Beso (Elvana Gjata song)

"Beso" ("Believe") is a 2013 song performed by Albanian recording artist Elvana Gjata ft. 2Po2 for her fourth studio album. It was released by threedotsproductions . "Beso" received positive reviews from music critics.The video won two awards on Videofest and it has more than 1 million views on YouTube.


Beso may refer to:

  • "Beso" (Elvana Gjata song) ("Believe")
  • El Beso (the kiss) a large sculpture in Lima
  • " Un Beso", a 2005 single from Aventura
  • Beso, or beso-beso, a form of cheek kissing in the Philippines

Usage examples of "beso".

She tried to interpret the hint of seriousness in his tone, then decided not to beso analytical.

His abilities can only change the edges of what may beso far as he can tell.