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n. gram flour (qualifier: as used in Indian cuisine)

Usage examples of "besan".

The driver had to make an announcement for the males he was hauling: “We are coming into the Big Ugly town of Besançon, our forward base for combat against the Deutsche.

Part of a long column, the big, heavy machine rumbled out of the fortress and through the narrow streets of Besançon.

Nothing even slightly out of the ordinary had happened since he came to Besançon.

We want to be in ambush before we run into the Lizards nosing north from Besançon.

They ran through Montbéliard, where the big Peugeot works stood idle for want of fuel and raw materials, then followed the road that paralleled the Doubs River southwest toward Besançon—and toward the Lizards surely on the way.

The Emperor only knows what they’re saying about that back in Besançon.

Hessef was right: they would be gnashing their teeth in Besançon over that news.

Three days later, inspectors of a sort altogether different from the first lot descended on Besançon.

He changed the subject: “All right, you’re going into Besançon to get this fancy new rangefinder.

I expected you to run me right down the Grande Rue in Besançon and on to the citadel, cannon blazing.

I tell you, Jäger, I didn’t think I was going to get anything in Besançon.

They both had the same perfect body paint, the same alert stance, and, somehow, the same air of trusting innocence about them, as if they’d just come out of cold sleep and didn’t know anything about the way the war against the Big Uglies was (or rather wasn’t) going, about what ginger had done to the Landcruiser crews at Besançon, or about any of the many other unpleasant surprises Tosev 3 had given the Race.

Half the Lizards in Besançon thought he was wonderful for doing such a good job of clearing out the ginger lickers.

After so long going up and down the road between Besançon and Belfort, pushing past Belfort made him feel he was exploring new territory.

Stolen nuclear materials, Mussolini kidnapped to spew propaganda against the Race, a landcruiser lifted out from under everyone’s snout at Besançon, and who could guess how many other crimes lay at his feet.