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Berrigan may refer to:

Usage examples of "berrigan".

It was essentially what the Baltimore Four had done four years earlier, when all were convicted and Phil Berrigan got six years in prison.

I wonder if I can take a moment to make a case for the innocence of the Berrigan brothers.

I should tell you that at this very moment a Hollywood movie is in the early stages of planning, in which Fathers Phil and Dan Berrigan are to be portrayed by Bing Crosby and an actor, as yet unnamed, who will be made up to resemble the late, great Barry Fitzgerald.

Its leader was Philip Berrigan, a longtime veteran of peaceful demonstrations.

The phonograph was a Capehart and the albums included a little bit of every-thing from Bunny Berrigan to J.

Two Catholic priests, brothers Daniel and Philip Berrigan, were arrested for stealing and burning draft records.

Daniel and Philip Berrigan, William Sloane Coffin, Sister Helen Prejean, Jesse Jackson, Father Robert Drinan, Reverend F.

The Hoover incumbency would be undercut as a factor in the forthcoming Berrigan and Ellsberg trials.

If the Berrigans were to get the chair, to be sure Hollywood would immediately go into full-scale production of some kind of musical about them, along the line of Going My Way.

Then I watched it deal with the activists, from the Berrigans on through Sister Valentine and the gay rights activists.

Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman now, or the Berrigans writing manifestos, or Polacks warning against godless communism and X-rated movies.

Though only fourteen at this time, a weedy-lanky boy with a cracking voice, Patrick was an admirer of the war-protesting Berrigan priest-brothers and warned he'd run away to Canada as a conscientious objector if necessary.

By making Dan Berrigan or Angela Davis the beneficiary you might avoid front-line duty.

And without churches, there wouldn't be any Social Gospel or Fathers Berrigan and Groppi or many other delightful features of our mod world.