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Berel is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Berel Wein, American-born Orthodox rabbi, scholar, lecturer, and writer
  • Berel Lazar, Orthodox rabbi, one of two claimants to the title "Chief Rabbi of Russia"
  • Berel Soloveitchik, a leading Rosh Yeshiva ("head of the yeshiva") of the Brisk yeshivas in Jerusalem, Israel

Usage examples of "berel".

He detailed the subtle point in Gittin which, so long ago, he had disputed in much the same terms with his clever young cousin, Berel Jastrow, in the noisy study hall of the Oswiecim yeshiva.

If Berel were still alive, he wrote, and if he had been invited into this dispute over page 27A of Gittin, he would have picked up the thread with zest, and argued rings around the yeshiva lads.

Seven or eight years younger than I am, Berel served four years on the battlefronts in the First World War.

For all the suffering on this march, Berel is grateful to God that he is in the labor column and out of the Stalag.

Whatever lies ahead in Katowice, Berel Jastrow knows that nothing can be worse than Lamsdorf.

The Germans are usin the old name, which Berel remembers from his Youth when Oswiecim was Austrian.

Getting down from his upper bunk for roll call, Berel Jastrow murmurs the obligatory Hear O Israel morning devotion.

For, recognizing Mutterperl in the lumberyard that afternoon, just before picking up the light corpse, Berel took his life in his hands to whisper to him.

So Berel risked brushing past him and whispering his name and his block number.

But out in the fields where Berel is working, the orchards still sweetly scent the air.

In the past six months Berel has been gaining back some of his old gnarled strength.

By the feeling that he has no legs below the knees, Berel Jastrow guesses that about two hours must have passed.

For the first time in months, Berel has been fearing his knees would give way.

As he dances by, feebly whacking the drum, Berel hears Mutterperl hiss.

No LOCOMOTIVE WILL ride the steel tracks that Berel Jastrow, Sammy Mutterperl, and the other Jews of Kommando 1005 are handling, nor will the heavy wooden ties piled nearby support the weight of rolling trains.