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The khepri in Armada, like those in New Crobuzon, must be descendants of refugees from the Mercy Ships, worshipping what was left, what they rememBered, of the Bered Kai Nev pantheon.

The prisoners could be put aboard a ship, with provisions, and pointed in the direction of Bered Kai Nev.

The dark coat glistened as he clam bered over the rocks, making his way down the steep incline.

I remem- bered that don Juan had given me that sign when I first met don Genaro.

When it was winter in New Crobuzon, it was summer in Bered Kai Nev (so they said), though they shared the days and nights that grew long and short in antiphase.

He remem bered thin Puerto Ricans under East Side streetlights, dreaming real to the quick beat of a salsa, dreamgirls shuddering and turning, the onlookers clapping in time.

He remem -- bered how the Bern had grabbed it in the globular cluster.