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Berd , formerly known as Berdagyugh, Gamma, Tavuzghala, Tauzkend, Tovuz, Volorut, Shlorut and Ghalakyand, is a town in the Tavush Province of Armenia and a central settlement within the Berd sub-region. It is located to the left of the Tavush river, from Yerevan, surrounded with low mountains.

Located near the city are the ruins of the Tavush fortress (10th century), the Nor Varagavank and Khoranashat monasteries (12th century). Other monasteries not far include Shkhmuradi, Srveghi and Kaptavank.

Berd is also the center of agricultural area in Armenia. Near the city, fruit, tobacco and other cultures are grown. Other well-developed industries of Berd include winemaking, beekeeping, and granary.

As of the 2011 census, the population of the town is 7,957.

Berd (dance)

Berd ( Armenian: Բերդ(Berd), Բերդապար(Berdapar), Fortress) is an Armenian dance which roots are from the old Armenian Vaspurakan city. The dance is from old Armenian game "Գմբեթախաղ (Gmbetakhagh)".

Usage examples of "berd".

Then he and Sephrenia rode out from the inn towards the north gate of Paler and the tanyard of the man named Berd.

His berd was shave as ny as ever he kan, His heer was by his erys ful round yshorn, His top was dokked lyk a preest biforn.

His berd was wel bigonne for to sprynge, His voys was as a trompe thonderynge.

As Berd finally settled, Canth let out so mighty a bugle that Mnementh challenged from the ledge and Ramoth roared back from the Hatching Ground.

Grall and Berd came gliding in to perch on the posts of Brekke's chair, chirping softly and preening their wings.

Berd cheerfully accompanied her, perching where he could watch her industry.