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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Berber \Ber"ber\ (b[~e]r"b[~e]r), n. [See Barbary.] A member of a race somewhat resembling the Arabs, but often classed as Hamitic, who were formerly the inhabitants of the whole of North Africa from the Mediterranean southward into the Sahara, and who still occupy a large part of that region; -- called also Kabyles. Also, the language spoken by this people.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1820 (n.); 1832 (adj.), from Arabic name for the peoples living west of Egypt; perhaps ultimately from Greek barbaros "barbarians" (see Barbary).


Berber may refer to:

  • a member of the Berbers
    • the Berber languages, a family of Afro-Asiatic languages
    • Berberism, a political-cultural term supporting a distinct Berber identity
    • Berber calendar
    • Berber cuisine
    • Berber Jews
      • Judeo-Berber language
    • Berber music
    • Berber mythology
    • Berber pantheon
    • Berber Revolt in 740–43 AD
    • Berber (name), the etymology of the word
  • Bilad-al-Barbar, the ancient and medieval name of Somalia
  • Berbera, a port city in Somalia
  • Berbere, a spice mixture from Ethiopia
  • Berber Spring was a period of political protest in Algeria
  • Berber, Sudan, a town on the Nile
  • Berber Toad, a species of toad found in Algeria
  • Berber carpet, a type of carpet

Usage examples of "berber".

My intention is to go first to Suakim, and thence up to Berber, and so by water to Khartoum.

He had asked that two regiments should be sent from Suakim, to keep open the route to Berber, but Mr.

Sometimes he assisted the officer of the Intelligence Department, in interviewing fugitives who had arrived from Berber and other points on the river, from Kordofan, or from villages on the White Nile.

He can stay where he is, he can march his whole force to Berber, or he can advance against us here.

I am going to try and find out what they are going to do: whether they will march to Berber, or come here, or remain at Metemmeh.

Still I think that, were it intended to make a move against us, or to Berber, it would be generally known.

He will not dare advance to Berber, because he will be afraid of our cutting him off from Omdurman.

There is a strong force at Abu Hamed, and our Governor at Berber will move down there, with all his force, when he hears that the Egyptians are coming up the cataracts.

Should it be the will of Allah that they should pass them, and reach Berber, we shall know how to meet them.

The information was telegraphed to the Sirdar, who at once ordered that a force of the friendly Arabs, escorted by a gunboat, should go up to Berber to find if the news was true.

The distance to be traversed to Berber was a hundred and thirty miles, and the expedition was undoubtedly a hazardous one.

I am convinced that the Dervishes have left Berber, I think there is little fear of your falling in with them.

We are to have the honour of going on and occupying Berber, and will show ourselves worthy of it.

These raids were carried out with great boldness, and villages situated within a few miles of Berber were attacked.

January, the Sirdar learned that the Khalifa had changed his mind, and had sent peremptory orders to Mahmud to advance and drive the British out of Berber, and destroy the railway.