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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Berbe \Berbe\ (b[~e]rb), n. [Cf. Berber, Barb a Barbary horse.] (Zo["o]l.) An African genet ( Genetta pardina). See Genet.

Usage examples of "berbe".

If you must know, the man gabbing with Griff now is old Berbelot himself.

I could see his hands trembling—evidently old Berbelot had laid it on thick.

If it weren't for the fact that Berbelot was seeing the same thing I saw, and feeling the same way about it, I'd have reported to an alienist.

And if I was crazy, so was Berbelot: and if he was, then so was the camera.

So help me, that blasted program came out on Berbelot's screen exactly as it had on my set and his.

I threw my cigarette into the elec­tric fire, and snapped on Berbelot's big television set, tuning it to Associated's XZB.

What they'd done to the Berbelot hour and my "Seashell" was really tame.

Lights blazed on, and through a bank of push buttons at his elbow, Berbelot maneuvered the transmitting cells to a point above and behind the re­ceiver, so that we could see and be seen without turning our heads.

I saw Berbelot and myself sitting side by side—just as if we were sitting in front of a mirror, except that the images were not reversed.