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Béon is the name of several communes in France:

  • Béon, Ain
  • Béon, Yonne

Usage examples of "beon".

Prince Beon commanded the infantry and Prince Apachan commanded the chariots.

When Lord Beon tried to send reinforcements forward to assist his beleaguered front, Pharaoh despatched Astes with five hundred chariots to frustrate him.

The custom had never beon observed in Atlanta, but in the older cities of coastal Georgia and South Carolina, it was a required ritual.

Major Z i beon made him fast to the animal like a man lashing a sack of lentils to an ass' back.

  After theother night al-Auf must know we're in the offing, and his men will beon the alert.

Dukat was throwing her a bone,seeming to understand for once what it was like to beon the receiving side of oppression.