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BeoCom is a line of telephones manufactured by Bang & Olufsen. Between the BeoCom 1 (also known in some markets as BeoCom 6000) and the BeoCom 2 phones there is much interoperability. The current versions of these telephones use independent wireless base stations known by the name BeoLine. The Mark 1 version of the BeoLine PSTN base can support up to six BeoCom handsets. the Mark 2 version of the Beoline PSTN base can support eight BeoCom handsets.

BeoCom 1000 (as shown in image) was designed by Gideon Loewy (Lindinger-Loewy Industrial Design ApS., Copenhagen Denmark, now Scandinavian Design Consultant Company Ltd., Taiwan) in 1983, launched on the market in 1985 and withdrawn in 2003.