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BEO may refer to:

  • Banquet event order
  • Belmont Airport IATA code
  • Book entry only
  • Beyond Earth Orbit

Beo is a variant of the name of the Anglo-Saxon god Beowa.

BeO is the chemical formula for beryllium oxide.

Usage examples of "beo".

Tir Nan Og, as do all of us here in the Tir inna m Beo, the land of the living.

Some German hackers have even come up with a Das Blinkenlights replacement: it's a circuit board kit that you can plug into PC-compatible machines running BeOS.

Linux, a technically superior operating system, is being given away for free, and BeOS is available at a nominal price.

I believe that making the BeOS less conceptually accessible and far less reliable will require developers to band together, thus developing the kind of community where strangers talk to one- another, kind of like at a grocery store before a huge snowstorm.

The great idea behind BeOS was to start from a clean sheet of paper and design an OS the right way.

But the other OSes: MacOS, the Windows family, and BeOS, have their GUIs tangled up with the old-fashioned OS functions to the extent that they have to run in GUI mode, or else they are not really running.

And not a moment too soon, for when Apple came out with its new top-of-the-line hardware, based on the Motorola G3 chip, they withheld the technical data that Be's engineers would need to make the BeOS run on those machines.