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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Benumb \Be*numb"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Benumbed; p. pr. & vb. n. Benumbing.] [OE. binomen, p. p. of binimen to take away, AS. beniman; pref. be + niman to take. See Numb,

  1. , and cf. Benim.] To make torpid; to deprive of sensation or sensibility; to stupefy; as, a hand or foot benumbed by cold.

    The creeping death benumbed her senses first.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., from be- + numb. Originally of mental states; of the physical body from 1520s. Related: Benumbed; benumbing.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To make numb, as by cold or anesthetic. 2 (context transitive English) To deaden.


v. make numb or insensitive; "The shock numbed her senses" [syn: numb, blunt, dull]


Benümb was a grindcore band from Oakland, California.

Usage examples of "benumb".

Though the want of these would not benumb my activity, or take away content, the possession would confer exquisite and permanent enjoyments.

His limbs appeared to possess hardly any vitality, so benumbed were they by the icy chill that had entered into the very marrow of his bones.

Cheered by this nearer presence of human life, our young gentleman presently gathered his benumbed powers together, arose, and after a while began slowly and feebly to climb a stony hill that lay between the rocky beach and that faint but encouraging illumination.

HUNG limply from the wagon wheel, his mind benumbed with the pain drumming through every extremity of his broken body.

An instant later he was benumbed to the icy assault of the chilling water.

She left her chair and stood up, as though to prove that there was no illness threatening her: but her benumbed feet tottered over the floor on her way to the bedroom.

In truth, she was benumbed and beyond caring about material goods or tomorrows.

My brows were heavy, my intellects benumbed, my sinews enfeebled, and my sensations universally unquiet.

As it is, the cold has so benumbed me, and I am so giddy with the roaring of these waters under me, that every moment I expect to slip off.

I tried to get up, but found my limbs so benumbed that I could hardly move.

My limbs were torpid and benumbed from inaction in the water and by the exposure of my hands and arms to the cold night air.

In facial neuralgia scraped Horse radish applied as a poultice, proves usefully beneficial: and for the same purpose some of the fresh scrapings may be profitably held in the hand of the affected side, which hand will become in a short time bloodlessly benumbed, and white.

He went back to the carriage, stretched himself to relieve his benumbed muscles, yawned, looked about him, and finally laid a hand on the arm of a young woman warmly wrapped up in a furred pelisse.

My faculties are benumbed, I have no ideas, I can scarcely see at all.

Their faculties were benumbed by the sharp shock of contact with his horrible pain.